Black Diamond Storm 450 HeadLamp

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For the adventurers who look on the bright side – the Storm 450 Headlamp by Black Diamond takes the loyal lamp to the next lumen.

The ‘dual-fuel’ system allows flexibility of power sources, be it rechargeable or AAA batteries. With an IP67 waterproof rating, this torch can operate at least one metre underwater for 30 minutes – so you can beat the dead batteries out bush and brave the after-dark fishing. Beaming with a maximum light output of 450 lumens, enjoy a dynamic duo of dim and full power with the PowerTap™ technology for instant transitioning.

Yet another lightbulb moment by Black Diamond, Brightness Memory means your chosen brightness remains even after switching off. With full strength, dimming, strobe, and lock modes – plus red, green, and blue night-vision – the headlamp offers ultimate illumination across proximity and distance, from the dark driveways to the blackened paddocks.

For dynamic durability on the off-road routes, the Black Diamond Storm 450 Headlamp provides that spark in the dark.

  • Perfect for fast-paced activities in extreme environments
  • Dual-Fuel allows utilization of either rechargeable Li-Ion BD 1500 battery or included Alkaline cells
  • 450-lumen output
  • PowerTap™ Technology for transitioning between full and dim
  • Brightness Memory allows switching on and off at chosen brightness without reverting to default
  • Full strength setting in both proximity and distant modes
  • Other modes include dimming, strobe, red, green and blue night-vision, and lock
  • Multifaceted optical efficiency lens technology
  • IP67 Waterproof rating allows operation at least 1m underwater for 30 minutes
Material: Plastic
Light Source: LED
Lumens: 450
Beam Distance: Low 12 | Medium 60 | High 120
Waterproofing IP 67
Batteries: 3 x AAA Cell included | Compatible with BD 1500 Rechargeable Batttery
Run Time: (AAA Batteries) Low 175 hrs | Medium 4.8 hrs | High 2 hrs (BD 1500) Low 165 hrs | Medium 6 hrs | High 3 hrs
Approx. Weight inc. Batt's: 0.092 Kg (AAA battery) | 0.086 Kg (BD 1500)