About Us

At Absolute Outdoors we live and breathe adventure. We are an adventure guiding outfit and outfitter based right in the heart of one of Australia's best adventure destinations - The Grampians. As guides, we spend more time walking in our boots, hanging in our harnesses and running trails than the average Joe. As retail professionals, this gives us a deep understanding of the demands of adventure and the requirements of good quality gear. It is our passion to share that experience and knowledge so that YOU have the best and most suitable gear when you head out on your own adventures. 


To inspire, equip and enable YOU to take on your wildest adventures with the right information, advice and equipment to maximise your safety, comfort (where possible!), fun and enthusiasm for the outdoors!


To support and improve the health and sustainability of our environment and community.


As an adventure tour operator we have a responsibility to protect the environment we operate in. We also have a strong obligation to operate in an ethical and sustainable manor with regard to our environmental, social and commercial policies.

As a retail business, we have an opportunity to foster relationships and promote great organisations and products that share our values and are also commitment to improving our planet and our community. As such, a set of values guides our decisions on which brands to partner with and what products we offer.

  1. Quality
  2. Ethical
  3. Sustainable
  4. Australian Made or Owned
  5. Value
  6. Fit for purpose