Black Diamond Offset Stopper Set #7-11

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A new addition to our time-tested Stoppers, the Offset Stoppers utilize offset geometry for ultra-versatility. Whether you’re free climbing or aid climbing, the Offset Stoppers excel when pin scars or irregular fissures guard the summit. Anodized by size with the same colour code as the Stoppers, they're easily identifiable for quick and easy placements. Each Offset Stopper is equipped with a durable, galvanized steel cable.

  • Durable aluminium heads and steel cables
  • Offset Geometry excels in pin scars and irregular cracks
  • Colour-coded for quick and easy placement
  • Available individually or as a set


Weight :  250 g (8.8 oz)

Strength :  10 kN (2,248 lbf)