Tobby Lace Flat 160cm

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Worn out shoelaces? Problem solved, with Tobby Shoelaces. Made with 100% braided Polyester these tough laces will get you back on the trail and your hiking boots or walking shoes will be back in the wilderness once more.

Made by smart Austrians, who know the alpine stuff, these laces are durable, lightweight and strong. They’re quick drying and won’t shrink, bonus.

Pick up a replacement pair of Tobby Shoe Laces or have them on call in the hiking/walking tool kit for later.

  • 7mm width
  • 100% Braided Polyester
  • 3% Water absorption
  • 160cm Suited for boots & shoes with 8 - 9 holes
  • 1 pair of shoelaces per pack
  • 1600 Newton Tensile Strength

To Fit:

Suited for Boots & Shoes with 8 - 9 Holes

External Dimensions: 160L x 0.7W x 0.2 cm

Packed Dimensions: 13L x 3.5W x 1.5H cm

Material:100% Braided Polyester

Weight: 0.022 Kg