Sunday Afternoons Sun Guide Cap

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No matter where the sun is, protect your face and neck with the Sun Guide Cap by Sunday Afternoons.

The Sun Guide Cap is made from UPF50+ rated stain and water-resistant fabric, ultra-light for comfort. This hat can be worn in several ways, add or remove protection based on the activity: wear without the cape as a cap, snap the cape on to shield your neck, close the cape up at the front, or even pin it back for hybrid protection.

The Sunday Afternoons Sun Guide Cap's interior also has a moisture-wicking band to keep sweat off your face, convertible vents for air flow, and a clever clamshell folding brim fro easy packing. 

  • Can be worn multiple ways
  • Clamshell folding brim
  • Convertible venting technology
  • Detachable 24cm neck/face cape
  • Super-lightweight microfiber fabric construction
  • ShieldTek technology resists water and dirt
In Use Dimensions:
7.5 cm Brim Width | 25 cm Cape Length | 54.5 − 59.5 cm Circumference


Polyester | UPF50+ Rated | Stain & Water−Resistant Fabric