MSR Whisperlight Fuel Bottle

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MSR has come up with a terrific way to easily transport your fuel. Made using savvy MSR brainpower, the lightweight Aluminium multi-fuel bottle is designed to use the threads on MSR fuel pumps and easily handle the pressurisation you need to easily operate MSR liquid fuel stove.

This genuine MSR Multi-Fuel Bottle will pair perfectly with your existing MSR liquid fuel stove for your next big trek.

  • Suitable for fuel types such as; Shellie, Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, White Spirits, AV Gas – Jet AL
  • Capable of carrying up to 887ml of liquid fuel
  • Fuel bottle designed to accept the threads on MSR fuel pumps 
  • Specifically designed to withstand the pressure with a thicker base
  • Has safety information printed on the bottle to be readily available to the user
  • The bottle has a special thread that will not detach or un-screw under pressure
  • Child-resistant push and twist cap