Hydrapak Hydrafusion Insulated Replacement Tube

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The Hydrapak Hydrafusion Replacement Tube keeps your water cooler in the hottest temperatures, so you don't have to suffer through shots of warm water on a blisteringly hot day.

  • Built-in foam insulation - insulates in hot weather and offers protection in tough conditions
  • High-flow Blaster bite valve - self-seals after each sip and features a twist on/off the bar to prevent leaks when not in use
  • Dust cover - protects the silicone bite valve from collecting dirt
  • Plug-N-Play connect system - ensures universal fitting
  • Flexible 6mm. drink tube - made from taste-free TPU, and designed in the ideal durometer for easy routing
  • Safe materials - 100% BPA- and PVC-free.