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Steripen Ultra™ UV water purifier is the flagship model with the most advanced user interface featuring a user-friendly OLED display

With an advanced display and internal rechargeable battery, the SteriPEN Ultra is the best water purifier for travellers and adventurers who are always on the go.

Treatment and battery status is clearly indicated on the OLED display while the internal Lithium-Ion battery delivers 50 x 1-litre treatments from a full charge. The SteriPEN Ultra is ideal for wide mouth bottles and fits securely in water bottle spouts down to 22mm so you can flip the bottle upside down to activate the lamp.

Once activated and submerged, the SteriPEN Ultra safely delivers UV light to a glass or bottle of water, reflecting the light throughout the vessel and killing 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms. With a lamp life of 8000 activations, your SteriPEN Ultra will provide safe drinking water for thousands of travel miles.

  • 50 x 1L treatments from a full charge
  • Treatment time: 48 seconds 0.5L, 90 seconds 1L
  • Lamp life: 8000 activations
  • 22mmm minimum bottle mouth diameter
  • Includes Carry case USB cable

In Use Dimensions:18.5L x 4.1W x 3.3H cm

Packed Dimensions:19.5L x 6.5W x 6H cm

Material: Plastic/Glass

Effective Against: Protozoa | Bacteria | Viruses

Treatment Time: 48 seconds 0.5L | 90 seconds 1L

Batteries: USB Rechargeable Lithium Ion included

Battery Life: 50 x 1 Litre Tratments

Lamp Life: 8000 Treatments

Weight: 0.14 Kg

Warranty: 3 Year