Sea to Summit Accessory Carabiner

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Great for securing loads, particularly when using ropes or webbing straps. These carabiners are light, strong, and can be clipped or unclipped one-handed with a little practice. High-quality anodized aluminium with spring steel gates mean they can be used in outdoor situations, whatever the weather. Incredibly useful in Overlanding, van life and paddling/rafting.

Note: The carabiners have not been tested to the appropriate climbing safety standards, and are therefore not intended for climbing/rappelling/via Ferrata. Price per carabiner

  • High-quality anodized aluminium with spring steel wire gate
  • Various Colours
  • Numerous applications from securing watercraft on roof racks, attaching motorcycles and quad bikes to trailers, lashing dry bags into rafts, to rigging tarps around camp and many other uses

Weight: 13g