Sawyer Inline Adapter

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Use this simple adapter to turn your Sawyer screw on/off filter into an inline filtration system for your hydration pack.

The Sawyer Inline Hydration Pack Adapter is compatible with the Sawyer Micro Squeeze Filter. This system is currently in use with UK Special forces, and several other military units around the world.

  • With the filter installed this way, you can fill your reservoir with dirty water and drink safe water from the tube.
  • Sawyer have made it simple, just screw the connections onto the each side of Micro Squeeze filter and insert the filter inline into your hydration pack drink tube (sold separately)
  • When you don’t need to filter water, unscrew the connections from the filter and simply screw them together to reconnect the tube – just remember to thoroughly clean a dirty reservoir before drinking from it without your Sawyer Filter.
  • Also works with the Sawyer All-In-One water filter (sold separately)


  • Sawyer Micro Squeeze
  • Sawyer Squeeze Filter
  • Sawyer All in One Filter

Weight 18g