Salomon Soft Flask 250ml

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The Soft Flask from Salomon is convenient, reliable, and lightweight – which are all the features you want for efficient hydrating and refuelling on your run.

This flask will compress as you drink it, which eliminates sloshing and makes hydrating faster when you’re in action. The body is made from TPU which is PVC and Bisphenol-A free which not only provides it with elasticity, it’s also easier to see how much fluids you have left and is taste-free. The blaster valve on this flask has improved higher flow, is more ergonomic and will not leak at the critical moment.

The versatile design means that you can strap this flask to your hand, or slip it into your pocket, vest, pack or running belt depending on your preferred setup. With the Soft Flask from Salomon, all you have to do is fill her up with water, energy drink, or even fuel - and you’ll be all set to whizz along the trail.

  • Non-leaking high flow bite valve
  • PVC & Bisphenol-A free
  • Compresses as its emptied which eliminates sloshing
  • Taste free
  • Easy to store

In Use Dimensions: 19L x 7W x 3D cm

Packed Dimensions: 5L x 7W x 3D cm

Capacity: 0.25 L

Material: PVC & BPA Free Thermo Plastic Urethane

Weight: 0.020 Kg

Warranty: 2 Year