Nalgene Narrow Mouth Tritan Bottle 500ml

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Nalgene's most popular bottles, available in a variety of colours to help brighten up anybody's gear.

For those who prefer a roomy bottle with a smaller opening, Nalgene offers the narrow-mouth loop-top bottle. It offers all the same advantages as the wide-mouth, with a top that minimizes the chance of spills and a cap that never gets lost. Printed graduations for easy measuring. Thanks to the smaller opening of the Narrow Mouth less water can rush out, making it easier to chug mindlessly. Everything else about the Narrow Mouth is like its Wide Mouth compatriot, so you get all the durability and no-leak peace of mind but without the stress of a mess. Just note that no ice cubes or lemon wedges are getting in here, so if you prefer more than water in your water bottle, check out our Wide Mouth bottles.

While we endeavour to keep all Colour and Sizes in stock, some may not be available at all times. If this is the case for your Colour choice, we will notify you via email.

VOLUME: 16 oz / 500 ml
Actual Volume to Brim: 21 oz / 630 ml
HEIGHT: 7 in / 178 mm
DIAMETER: 3 in / 76 mm
WEIGHT: 3.75 oz / 106 g
BPA, BPS and Phthalate Free
Made from Tritan