Companion Pro:Fuel Butane

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Resealable cartridges feature valves which allow the can to be shifted between different appliances, even when there is gas left in the cartridge. Works with all brands of stove.

Companion Pro Fuel 230g Butane Cartridge make enjoying the outdoors simple and easy. Suitable for portable camping stoves, butane lanterns and lights, and other approved butane canister devices.

  • Screw type connection for safety and easy operation
  • Fully disposable and a very handy form of fuel
  • Conveniently can be moved from one appliance to another

Gas Content: 45% Butane, 28% Isobutane, 26% Propane
Fill: 230g
Connection: Screw type
Overall Dimensions: 137mm x 108mm

Please note – Cartridges can be purchased in store but unfortunately cannot be shipped