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Introducing the one that started it all. The BAT!
The original design stitched up on mum's old Janome sewing machine has been tweaked and perfected to provide adventurers with the ultimate in light weight and versatility for a shelter that really delivers!
Perfect for a roomy 2 person shelter or a lightweight emergency shelter of up to 6 people.
With almost unlimited ways to pitch it, this shelter is sure to take your "Tarpology" skills to the next level.
Don't leave home without it!

  • 3000mm 20D silnylon fabric
  • Weight 850g
  • 23 tieout points all with T-Lock system to provide easy tension and the best in "tarpology" options
  • Signature BAT wings with full separating zips on both ends
  • Reinforced patches on ridgeline and sides for added strength
  • Designed to accommodate 2 regular trekking poles at each end to pitch in "storm mode"
  • 2 x roll back toggles at each end to allow wing to be stored away
  • Ridgeline D-rings for extra pitching options
  • Alloy eyelets at each end for trekking pole pitching

Weight: 850g
Length - 3.2m 

Width - 3m

Height (storm mode) - 1.3m

NOTE - product is not seam sealed