Awesome Woodys Wideboy Clifboard

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The Awesome Woody's™ Wide Boy™ is the widest version in the Cliff Board range. At 580 mm wide, 160 mm tall and around 990 grams, it’s ideal for training wide and opening up the shoulders while maintaining amazing versatility as a finger board to climbers. This 2 sided fingerboard is also full of useful features including multiple pockets and edges while being compact and totally portable. The Wide Boy™ has a unique design and with 2 cord positions that change the pitch of the board. This turns flat edges into in-cuts and regular pockets into slopers. The Wide Boy™ can be hung anywhere you can throw a single sling or clip a single carabiner to.

The Wide Boy™ not only delivers climbers a solid workout at home, it is the ideal tool for a traveling climber. Just un-clip it from your home setup, stash it in your pack for the next trip. Also a great tool for recruitment and getting those fast twitch fibers primed for your project of the day.

Quick Stats:
• Rails and edges.
• Top rail, 30 mm rounded open handed in-cut.
• 2nd edge, 20 mm rounded flat.
• 3rd edge 15 mm rounded flat.
• Back edge, 12 mm rounded flat.
• Top row pockets,2 x 2 finger pockets 30 mm, 2 x 3 finger pockets 30 mm , 2 x mono's 30 mm, 2 x mono's 20 mm 1 x 2 finger 20 mm.
• 5 x hand holes.