Nova Max 300 Lumen LED Lantern 3D

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Whenever you need a battery powered light source, whether it’s for your upcoming camping trip, or when the power goes out, the Companion X 300 Nova LED Lantern will have you covered.

It provides you with high for bright light, low for longer battery life, and has a slow flash green LED indicator which will help you locate it in the darkness. This lantern has 300 lumens of maximum output power thanks to the 3 x ultra bright 1 watt white COB LEDs. To run it, you need 3 x 1.5V D cell batteries which are available separately. 

For area lighting, you can just remove the top lens, and the built-in hanger hook on the base allows you to hang it up wherever you need illumination. Whether you’re lighting up an outdoor eating area, tent or house in a blackout – the X 300 Nova LED Lantern is a solid choice.

  • Up to 300 lumens max output power
  • 3 x COB ultra-bright 1 watt white LEDs
  • Innovative convex reflector provides flawless reflection
  • Removable top lens provides forward area light
  • High and low modes
  • Rubberised handle and built-in hook on lantern base
  • Green slow flash LED indicator
  • Water resistant

External Dimensions: 9.6W x 9.6D x 18.4H cm

Packed Dimensions: 9.6W x 9.6D x 18.4H cm

Material: Plastic

Light Source: 10W COB LED

Lumens: 300 High | 100 Low

Batteries: 3 x D Cell

Run Time: 20 hrs High | 46 hrs Low

Weight inc. Batt's: 0.862 Kg